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"If you lean back just a little bit, you'll get greater internal stimulation and he'll be able to play with your traumfrau gesucht staffel 4 download clitoris Brame explains.
"Swing both legs over his hips and thighs, making a bridge over them." Then, just let him gently thrust into you.Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.Or reach behind you to squeeze or spank your bottom.It can also allow for eye-contact between partners.This allows his top leg to be angled so it's pressed against your vulva while he's inside you, says Borowicz."It's not very aerobic, so the sex can go on for a long time without either of you tiring out says Laura Berman, PhD, director of the Berman Center and author.And I mean turn that.One of your legs goes between his and the other is draped over his hips."He enters you while standing between your legs, holding on to your hips for leverage." You can rest your feet on his shoulders or on the edge of the table.Because he's standing, his hands are free to stroke your body says Brame."Your partner can prop himself up with his hands in a push-up position or lie on top of you." Not only does this facedown configuration provide increased friction as he moves in and out, but you can gently grind your clitoral area against the bed.
"Since he may not be able to penetrate you as deeply though, guide his hand around your clitoris." And just think: Once you've both climaxed, you'll be in perfect postcoital cuddle position too.
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